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A New Shell

For those of you who have a short attention span or are owning it at work, this post can be condensed by simply scrolling down and reading all the BIG PINK WORDS, starting from the ones above. Do you get the message? The smart ones always do! For those of you with five minutes to relax the head voices, please enjoy at your leisure. Now lets begin…

Knock me sideways if dormant isn’t an understatement when it comes to The ELP Blog’s recent posting habit. However, what they’ve been doing in the real world is quite the opposite. Sleepless would be a more fitting term to describe the start of 2017, with a whole list of sweet stuff coming up this year at El Project! Who knew this blog was half bear? Hibernation over!


The role of LoBlog is as a live – in correspondent to keep you in the know about what’s going on in the world of the Electro Lobster. A Lobster’s Log to give you the opportunity to be part of ELP’s exciting plans for the year. Also, to intend to provide some quite interesting reading material for the purpose of time killing during your busy work day. Who knows, you may even learn something.

All you need to get started is, tell yourself the following;

• LoBlog its constructive literature, you’re relaxing your mind for a couple of minutes in order to do a better job at work. (you’re welcome boss!)
• You stand to taste exciting new foods and experience great entertainment which essentially makes you happier and more productive. (#winning!)
• There are hidden codes within LoBlog that will grant you tasty prizes if you spot them fast (#winning again)
• You’re making plans for your week based on the information you’ve found here. (become a time saving machine)
• You get to impress your family and friends with some great facts or skills you’ve come across on this blog (owning it socially)
• In a nut shell: LoBlog is good for YOU! (#bored of winning)

So, just as the doctor ordered, please continue to enjoy your first dollop of Loblog, I promise it
doesn’t contain any Trumps and is most definitely Putin free!

I’LL BEGIN BY SAYING ‘Lucky you!’ Lucky dessert devils, lucky fish fiends, lucky
meat munchers, and lucky lucky vegans, veggies and all earth’s food lovers. As you may know, The Lob doesn’t discriminate in bringing the delicious to all colors of the foodie spectrum. And you can bet your last garlic clove that they’ve got some delicious morsels soon coming your way with the launch of the new menu.

When that moment comes, if ELP was turned into a food fight concept for a day, I would firmly advise you to stand up straight, HOLD YOUR MOUTH WIDE OPEN and just take it in the chops. But for today, a spotlight on one of ELP’s show experiences…

Basically, there’s been quite a helping of hot hot happenings at The Lob. It all kicked off with a belly dancing extravaganza that had everybody enthralled and ‘hip-notised’ by the swaying and popping of the extremely talented Mares and Reine in the Ethnic Night event last December.


The show was so popular that the project is hosting the girls again for a vegan dinner performance in celebration of Woman’s Day next week. Proudly supported by Cruelty Free Malta and Vegan Malta Group.

You can check out the details of this unique event by simply clicking here.


But now back to the Ethnic Night last December…
I must say, I didn’t feel anywhere near Balluta Bay at the time. It was as if I’d been fired out of a teleporting device and future – blasted into the middle of a mystical eastern tavern. The sights, the sounds and the smells seemed distant to the little Mediterranean bay I left behind me on the other side of the heavy glass door.
You see, when ELP holds a themed night, everything supports the show. The food was a one off special menu with elements of little eats for an exciting variety of flavors
and textures to suit the ethnic theme. A number of cocktails were also made exclusively for the night, each one as surprisingly unique and delicious as the next.


What I love about the cocktail choice is that there’s always a well balanced assortment of bitter, sweet and sour to suit even the pickiest preference. And if your fancy still hasn’t been sufficiently tickled, the barman happily personalizes one for you that will.

Whilst at the show I was quick to realize that the art of belly dancing is something that really needs to be experienced, and we are extremely lucky to have some very talented and beautiful performers on the island. One of the songs was a seven minute drumming solo which Reine (one of the performers) moved to in unparalleled precision. Being a bit of a drummer myself, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her as she danced in a tossed sea of sequins and beads.

It was as if she was plugged directly into the sound system and every beat was coming through her like a human drum machine. Although the hurricane of wobbling body and bouncing bum made more shakes than a jackhammer wedding, this was something beyond the delightfully naughty and quite solidly in the realm of ‘Fuck me! That’s incredible’. I turned to my partner to see if she was equally as transfixed. I was clearly in-existent at that moment.

The show ended, I was pleasantly stocked with the delicacies of the night, and my mind was a wash of spinning ladies flicking their wrists and floating round and round in a mystical enchanting dance. I felt like the snake in the charmer’s basket after being mesmerized for a couple of hours and was now snapping back to my normal snake life and business.

We had a couple more delicious cocktails before pushing through the heavy glass door taking us back to picturesque Balluta Bay. Also, I was no longer a snake.

But don’t take it from me, come AND WITNESS FOR YOURSELVES WHAT THESE TALENTED LADIES CAN DO. Men, grab your favorite lady and bring her along, ladies click the link below, or copy it and send him the hint. Even the best guys need a little bit of direction. Or better still ladies, grab a gaggle of your bestest babes and have a dam good ladies night. After all, it’s woman’s day!

Book your tickets now BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK




LoBlog x



P.S. All comers will receive an extremely naughty, refreshingly sweet welcome drink that may tickle a bit more than your taste buds.

Coming soon on LoBlog,

We take a cheeky peak and some snaps from our sinful foodie photo shoot, get a taste of what a burlesque night is really about, and news on our brand new weekly specials that include free bar snacks!

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