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Electro Lobster Breakfast – Getting EGGcited

How exciting! We’re really almost there! As soon as we’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s, the menu can go to the printer and we’re ready to launch! Just a matter of weeks.

In this testing session we focused on eggs. Eggs in the most delicious way. Poached to perfection; Solid egg-white, creamy with a runny yolk. We tried various stacked options including, Smoked Salmon, Crispy Prosciutto and a vegetarian version with fresh Spinach. Each were stacked on whole wheat toast -perhaps we might replace the whole wheat with a fluffy Brioche, for a truly decadent start of the day… Thoughts? All were topped off with a rich Hollandaise sauce. All instant classics, but a breakfast menu isn’t a breakfast menu without at least one classic Egg Benedict, we agreed.

Right between a bite of Salmon and a bite of Prosciutto we came up with a seriously chic idea; Lobster Egg Benedict. Same Brioche, same Hollandaise and of course our signature ingredient Lobster, maybe even accompanied by a glass of -what else?- Champagne. How’s that for a royal early morning? After all, being Electro Lobster Project a Lobster option for breakfast is a must… Soon to be on the regular menu? Or served as a special on weekends and public holidays? When would you treat yourself to this breakfast of all breakfasts?

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