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Electro Lobster Breakfast – Going Sweet

After focussing on savoury for the last couple of weeks, today was all about sweet. Our chef made a delicious, warm breakfast Porridge with Ricotta, Soy Milk and fresh Berries.

To. Die. For!

Because of the Ricotta, this beauty won’t qualify as vegan, so we decided we should probably go all out and go for full fat Milk instead of Soy Milk. Apart from that, this is a definite winner!

Next up was a warm Brown Rice Porridge with Coconut Milk, Cinnamon and fresh Berries. Healthy, vegan and with some slight revamping a possible candidate to make it onto the menu. All we need to think of is a way to make it have that little extra that it needs to really knock your socks off. Soy Milk instead of Coconut Milk for some added creaminess? Or maybe a good spoon of Coconut Cream? All you Veggies out there, what would you do to vamp up this vegan hottie?

Last in the mix was something totally unconventional. A salad for breakfast? Heck, why not! For everyone who prefers to skip the carbs early mornings, we present our fresh Spinach Salad with Apple, Peach and Orange segments, funked up with roasted Cashews, Walnuts and Pinenuts. Now that’s going to be a healthy, nutritious start to your day, no doubt!


Breakfast Salad

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