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Electro Lobster Breakfast – The Liquid Edition

Amongst all the deliciously chewable breakfast options we are currently testing, we are also planning to have some drinkable goodness. Our juicer is currently doing overtime processing all the fresh fruit and veg we can possibly get our hands on.

Ranging from the healthiest of healthy green Cucumber, Lime & Melon juice to the healthy, but pleasantly sweet Melon, Pineapple & Carrot juice. No matter what your taste, we’re going to have a juice just right for you!

Our breakfast menu is being designed to suit everyone’s early morning cravings. Hungover and in need of a sturdy, filling and satisfying pick-me-up? We’re on it. More of a “I-like-it-light kind of person?” Sure thing! Or how about going posh with a Lobster & Egg Benedict brekky, accompanied by a good glass of bubbles? You dream it up, we make it happen.

Are you in desperate need of a place that serves EXACTLY what you crave after you just woke up? Let us know what your early morning guilty -or not so guilty- pleasure is!

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