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Electro Lobster Breakfast


Our chef has started his trials for our new breakfast menu. First up were a BLT and a Poached Egg sandwich.

The BLT consisted of Guanciale, Rucola, Oak Leaves, fresh Tomatoes, and -inspired by recent travels to Australia- fresh Avocado. Although the avocado was fresh, once mashed, the color didn’t look too appetizing anymore. At the same time, the combination avocado/classic BLT is definitely a winner!

The Poached Egg sandwich with fresh Avocado and Pepper & Orange Seasoning is in need of some tweaking. The avocado has to look as fresh and delicious as it tastes, so we need to find a way to make that happen…
Pepper & orange seasoning is probably great when you’re a sweet ’n’ savoury lover, but we didn’t get too excited. What would be the perfect topping to make this Poached Egg a real stunner?

We’re still on a quest to find the perfect Whole Grain Bread to use for our breakfast sandwiches. The burger buns used in the trial version weren’t bad at all, but we’re quite sure we can do way better!

Do you have great breakfast ideas you’d like to share with us? Follow our Breakfast Ideas For Electro Lobster Project Group and we’ll invite you to share your pins with us!


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