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Events planning

Unless you’re a seasoned events organiser, locating all the decoration items, food and talent required for your dream night can often mean that you have to start from scratch.  At The Electro Lobster Project, if you can dream it, then we can make it happen.

If fresh food and great drinks were our long term partner, then events would no doubt be our red hot naughty bit on the side. Simply… We love to put on a show at ELP. Our own occasions are planned in great detail from specialist cocktails to one of a kind menus to suit the event. The only thing we love more than doing it for ourselves is making our customers ideas a reality, no finger lifting required.

Our kitchens can handle any requirements from finger foods to full blown twelve course dinners with wine pairings welcome and we have contacts in the entertainment industry ranging from magicians to belly dancers, comedians to transvestite comedy performers, whiskey and wine connoisseurs for tasting events and many many more.

We like to use the motto “Be a guest at your own party” because its fits our service goals perfectly. All you need to do is let us know what your ideas are, combined with the approximate contents of your event piggy bank, and we handle everything from there. They’ll be no last minute worries on your part, no late night hassles, just that all so familiar feeling of, ‘What to wear?’ Then all that’s left is for you to stroll through the doors and watch your own night unfold as if you had nothing to do with it.

If you are an artist and looking for somewhere to strut your stuff, Electro Lobster Project can be just that place. Whatever your art, we want to know what you can do.