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From Ilma Donnas to Titallating Tassels


Good day friends,

I gather you are doing well on this sunny March morning. Last week saw another sensual belly dance performance at the Lobster which had us all mesmerized whilst munching vegan delights on Woman’s Day. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, one of my favorite things about these events at ELP are the speciality cocktails. This evening was no exception.


An Original Electro Lobster Project

The welcome drink was a pink concoction served in its own bottle complete with label. A Woman’s Day special that was aptly named “Ilma Donna” . Coincidentally, Woman’s Day 2017 was also the day that the Azure Window made it’s disappearing act, thus making for a combination of the awesome power of water or “Ilma” and the strength of a woman “Donna”. I thought wow! they’ve pretty much bottled today’s reaction. Perfect. And that was just the welcome drink.


Two delicious “Ilma Donnas” later, which wasn’t much later at all, we sampled the second speciality cocktail of the night. A refreshing cucumber and celery infused gin with, wait for it… Apple cider vinegar. I know right? Vinegar in a drink? Whatever next? Three more of the same please! Simply delicious and an easy drinking pleasure.


“I can safely say that there were enough womanly wobbles to make a bowl o’ jelly jealous!”


Amidst the tasty drinks and delightful vegan menu, we were treated with belly dancing courtesy of Mares and Reine who put on a show throwing beautiful smiles and shakes to the four corners of the room. Always awesome to watch.

A snippet from the Valentines Day burlesque performance.


Next week however, the Lobster welcomes a different sort of show. A burlesque night, courtesy of La Rouge. Think variety show, meets classy strip performance with a healthy burst of charm that will most certainly grow on you. Undine La Verve and her fellow cheeky chica Lolita Vavoom have an especially voluptuous performance lined up that I urge you not to miss.


Last time I witnessed a La Rouge performance I can safely say that there were enough womanly wobbles to make a bowl o’ jelly jealous. Next week’s performance I gather will offer nothing less. In fact there will also be performances from two other talented acts in the form of Magic from Gwilym Bugeja and a spot of comedy from Mr. Nathan Brimmer all making for the best Wednesday night this side of Sicily.


See you there!


Loblog xx


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I hear the new menu is launching next week!

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