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New Muddle & Strain Menu


It’s starting to get seriously hot outside, so we came up with a whole new Cocktail Menu, completely dedicated to Spritzers.

A Spritzer is a tall, chilled drink, usually made with White Wine and Seltzer, Club Soda or Sparkling Mineral Water. The word comes from the German spritzen, meaning spatter, spray or sprinkle.
In north-eastern regions of Italy, especially Venice and surroundings, a spritz is a popular light cocktail, a mix of sparkling white wine, sparkling water, and Aperol, Bitter Campari, or other colored alcohols. A perfect, light drink to keep you cool under the sizzling Maltese sun.

Feel like cooling down after a hectic, hot day at the office? Every day between 5pm and 8pm we have our Happy Hour, when we serve all our cocktails for Bootleg Prices, starting at €4.

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