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At the Electro Lobster Project, we believe in sourcing fresh and local food wherever possible to offer a healthier and more sustainable product to our customers. Our style of cooking is Sicilian fusion with a twist, incorporating modern elements whilst keeping a firm finger in our culinary heritage, Mediterranean. Arguably the most well rounded and healthy diet in the world.

Lobster is our speciality because we believe that it encompasses the very meaning of fresh. We have our own tanks that supply the kitchens as soon as our guests make their decision to ensure that you are getting only the freshest ingredients possible.

Our new Farm to fork initiative is an Electro Lobster Project where we will be in direct contact with boutique farmers to bring you the freshest seasonal produce we can get our hands on. We are currently building a system where we will be involved before the seed is even put into the ground to achieve complete control from sowing to serving.

Although we keep true to our roots, we are always experimenting with different styles from around the world which we often express through our themed events such as Ethnic nights and Burlesque.

Our menus adapt to suit the show’s vibe and we’ve recently been experimenting with quite a lot of vegan dishes, middle eastern, and many more.

We also believe in catering to all. Going out should be a pleasant experience for everyone which is why we are adamant on creating delicious dishes that cater to all dietary needs. Whether it’s gluten free, lactose intolerant, or vegan, we’re sure to include options that are a true culinary accomplishment, not just an after thought to fill the gaps. There’s no such thing as fussy eaters at ELP, just satisfied ones.

The value of experiencing something different can be a refreshing take on eating out. Although different cuisines can sometimes be enough, we believe in taking eating out to another level. This is why we incorporate culinary experiences on our menu. Whether its experiencing lobster, taking a trip on our 8 course tasting menu or indulging in The Works platter, they’ll always be something enticing at the Electro Lobster that takes dining out, that extra bit further.