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Of Spring, Sex and Greek’s Next Top Mortal

Love is like the spring time,
When the buds begin to bloom.
You meet the one you love and then,
You hit it off real soon.

Layer after layer,
You peel back each other’s souls.
Juicier and juicier,
Discoveries you behold.

But after all that’s new and fresh,
You reach a rocky part.
Thorny faces of past embraces,
Guard a softened heart.

To dwell on pricks from lovers’ past,
Will strangle all your hopes.
A testing time that’s yours and mine,
And anyone who elopes.

But brush these thorns aside,
And don’t let past effect today.
And then the heart is yours to eat,
In many tasty ways.

Can you guess what this poem is really about?

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Spring is here and it always reminds me of sex, because lets face it, at the moment, the natural world is having a good old fashioned bangathon. But I’m guessing no one knows quite so intimately as hay fever sufferers. Why are you sneezing? Well, its just a reminder that you’re literally walking through natures sex mist. Now there’s something to s-think about!

So, from sex au natural, to the Gods and the story of the humble artichoke. In fact, this Maltese staple has quite an interesting role in Greek mythology. Legend has it that after visiting his brother Poseidon, Zeus emerges from the sea and gets an eyeful of a beautiful woman basking on the sand. Playing hard to get to a new level, she spots him too but seems un – impressed by his godly presence. Apparently, she’d seen better. (Story of my life)

Undeterred by her mortally cold shoulder, Zeus persisted with his Godly seduction and inevitably succeeds. *Input joke about thunder balls and lightening cracks here*. Extremely impressed by Greek’s Next Top Mortal, he transforms her into a Goddess so that she’d be nearer to him on mount Olympus. This would allow him to easily pay her a naughty visit whenever his wife was away.

However, the girl, whose name was Cynara, missed her mortal life and snuck back to visit her family. Zeus caught wind of this (As you do, being the God of sky and air) and deemed it to be most un – Goddess like. Disgusted by this most awful act, he banished her back to mortal land and transformed her into the plant that we now know as the artichoke.

Moral of the story? Wear sunblock on the beach, factor GOD!

In memory of Cynara the Godly mistress and her ‘ful – ish’ act, this seasons freshest artichokes and broad beans are currently featuring at the Electro Lobster Project as part of the weekly special options.

With the sun shining on the ELP Deck and the cool sea breeze at your service, you can also enjoy one of our seasonal fresh fruit lemonades (pictured) as you take in the spring time delicacies. Indulge in the refreshing hydrating flavors of: Lemon lime and orange, strawberry and cucumber, and mint.

Specials of the week:



Available Today:

Fusilli with Fresh Artichokes and Ricotta Salata (Vegetarian)

Pan Seared Tuna and Red Mullet with Fresh Artichokes and Broad Bean Lemon Sauce

Available from Friday:

Orange Fennel and Broad Bean Salad (Pictured, Vegan)

Raw Sweet and Sour Marinated Tuna, Scallop, Red Mullet and Prawn with Marinated Fresh Broad Beans and Artichoke. (Pictured)


Have a fresh day

LoBlog xx

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